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About the Owner

If there is one thing I really hate, it´s Fakeness.

I believe in treating others as I would want to be treated, and that’s really at the core of what I am doing.

Frankly, I´m sick and tired of all the FAKENESS in this industry, so I decided to do something about it…

I´m going to tell you who I really am.

I’m Martin Bergmann. I’m 49 years old, I’ve got a beautiful wife, 2 Sons, and 3 Grandchildren

I do Internet Marketing since 1994 and I don´t even want to think about the money I lost during this endeavour of 20 years finding out by trial and error what is working and what is not.

This is exactly what´s your advantage here and now. When you join YMAC, which is just the abbreviation for Your Marketing Academy, and has nothing to do with Apple, you´ll have instant access to everything, and I mean everything, you need to start or improve your online business.

I wouldn’t call myself a “guru”, and I certainly didn’t set out to be in the guru business. But I happen to be a teacher at heart, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

So it happened pretty naturally that I gained a big following of people who look to me for advice when it comes to making money online.

One of THE most frequently asked questions that I receive is…

“How can I make money online without spending a fortune?”

I’ve been asked that question by hundreds of people from all walks of life all over the world.

And that simple question became the foundation of YMAC

How’s that for a breath of fresh air?

Are you willing to put in some time & effort if you knew you could really make some money for your efforts and do the things you love?

Are you someone that can honestly say that you have a strong will and desire to succeed?

Are you someone that can follow a simple step-by-step plan if it is laid out in a plain easy to follow way?

Then you have what it takes to succeed with YMAC

About This Site

Everyone needs a mentor. If you want to be successful in your chosen college degree, you need to be under the care of your college professors who have the necessary knowledge and expertise in your chosen college degree. They will prepare you to the real world and equip you with the necessary knowledge and expertise so that you will be able to be successful and stand against any obstacles that will block your way towards reaching your goals, whatever it is.

Even starting Internet marketers needs to be educated by Internet marketing experts. Keep in mind that vital factors are on risk in this type of investment - your name, reputation, effort, and most especially your monetary investment. Once you have plunged in Internet marketing without learning first the necessary knowledge and strategies, expect that it will be the cause of the downfall of your Internet marketing career. Thus, to avoid losing what you already have, you need somebody to guide you throughout your Internet marketing career.

And that is why YMAC is built.

YMAC was founded in 2014 by the late Internet marketing expert Martin Bergmann that is focused on the research, development, and test of cost-efficient e-business and e-commerce marketing strategies and automated solutions that could be applied to small and medium sized home-based business owners and produce revenues and profits. As one of the recognized leader in the Internet marketing industry, YMAC continues to develop practical and cost-efficient marketing trainig and strategies for online-based businesses. Because of their innovative video courses, access to online tools like the Full Text RSS Feed Generator or the Online Ecover Creator and the possibility to download over 250.000 PLR Articles as well as thousands of Graphics, Videoloops, ready made Video Teasers with a call to action included, Turn Key Business Solutions, and other effective marketing recommendations, the website draws incredible amounts of web visitors every month. It is the exclusive right for members to use, watch, read and download products worth more than $20.000 dollars. I could literally go on forever, but this would keep you from starting to make money right away, and i know that´s what you are here for. Right? And yes, this entire site is 100% Newbie Friendly, but YMAC is for everyone, experienced marketers, as well as beginners

How can YMAC help you with your Internet marketing career?

There are several steps that you need to undergo with the YMAC Learning Center so that you will be able to achieve success in your chosen business opportunity.

included in YMAC

Choosing a Product- you will be provided with a wide selection of businesses and services that you can endorse over the Internet. YMAC will also provide you with Turn Key Businesses to download, where you just throw in your own Paymentbutton, and upload to your server to generate instant profit

included in YMAC

Getting Started with a Website - Internet marketing will be of no use to you if you do not have a website to start with. You will learn how to start with your Internet marketing website, such as its design and development, web page optimization, registering under a unique and original domain name, and others. You will also know what are the "do's and don'ts" in creating and developing a website.

included in YMACWriting Sales Copy - sales copy is essential to Internet marketing, since it will serve as your "campaign material' in endorsing your products or services. You will learn about the appropriate contents of your sales copy and how you will effectively market it to potential clients.

included in YMAC

Getting Internet Traffic - you will not succeed on your Internet marketing career if you do not have Internet traffic to convert into loyal product evangelists. You will learn much about the promotional tools that are used and proven effective in marketing your site and its products or services.

included in YMACSearch Engines - this will bring you the targeted Internet traffic that you want towards your website. You will learn several search engine factors that have direct effects on your website, such as keywords, optimized web pages, search engine spider, unique niches, and others.

included in YMAC

Starting a Newsletter - by getting subscribers to read newsletters, you will be able to build a strong clientele base. Feeding them with latest and consistently updated information will help you get the targeted traffic that you want.

included in YMAC

Testing Email Marketing Solutions - emails are now widely used by Internet marketers in advertising their products and getting the clients that they need. You will learn how you will convert your regular email into traffic-generating machines as well as the things that you need and need not to include, in sending emails to your subscribers.

included in YMACRecruiting Affiliates - you are not alone. There are thousands of Internet marketers out there and getting them as affiliates will surely boost your Internet marketing business. You will learn how to recruit affiliates once you have established your Internet marketing company.

There is a lot new stuff waiting to be finished and released, so make sure you check back often, because I´m adding new courses and downloads on a frequent basis.

SECTION 1: 5 No Cost Business Models (89 Videos)

Lesson 1:

Business Model 1 - No Cost Product Launches


Lesson 2:

Business Model 2 - No Cost Freelancing


Lesson 3:

Business Model 3 - No Cost Video Marketing


Lesson 4:

Business Model 4 - No Cost List Building


Lesson 5:

Business Model 5 - No Cost List Building


Lesson 6:

Bonus Module - Free Traffic Methods

YMAC - Your Marketing Academy

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